3 thoughts on “My guest post on George Musser’s Sci Am Blog

  1. I think many mysteries of quantum mechanics come from the wrong interpretation …starting with plumb pudding atom …to Bhor atom … orbiting electrons … all a bit too simple really. The maths does a great job …but the model is not right . so we are led up garden path .
    suppose the atom pulsed in three dimensions. in …out …radial 3D ….expansion / contraction.
    driven by changing magneti field
    the electron charge is always negative outside atom because as it moves one way through north mag field ( say) then it moves back in through south . …
    when it contracts it can accept / absorb a photon … energy increases and on the next expansion it radiates .

    1. A simple 3D movement not orbiting fuzzy particles . but a pulsing electron/ charge field around nucleus.
      try to equate this action to spins etc. it may give some clue spin 1/2 spin 1 etc ..
      expansion…contraction is iaw general relativity …and seems to point you in direction of two places at once …the in and the out . edges
      also half lives … the half … means one of two things .. the in …the out movement . energy in …energy out .
      does this idea fit anything to make things look correct.

      1. Thanks Rob for your comment. I do think that the proper interpretation clears up a lot of the problems with QM. I’m working on a popular
        book on this right now. See my CUP book for a more technical presentation (although many chapters are introductory and fairly basic).
        To address the model you mention here, I would need more specifics to assess it.

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