About “symmetrized” quantum states: a proposal, and some concerns about the standard view

In this publication, I propose a way to understand the "exchange" of indices in collective states of two or more identical quanta, and I also question certain assumptions of the standard debate on this topic. Questions/comments welcome. I can also be contacted through my author site: ruthekastner.org quantum-haecceity-kastner-pta-3.19.23_accepted_versionDownload

Updated Comment: “Physical Time as Human Time”

In a previous post, I presented a Comment for an online forum on a paper by Gruber,  Block and Montemayor, 2022 that discusses the alleged conflict between "physical time" and the human experience of time. Since that time, an additional target paper was added for the discussion, and I've made my comment shorter and more concise. … Continue reading Updated Comment: “Physical Time as Human Time”

Transactions Complete Entropic Gravity

In the relativistic transactional picture (RTI), spacetime is an emergent construct. It emerges from specific interactions at the quantum level (i.e., transactions). This process creates a metrical structure; thus, RTI allows the harmonious integration of quantum theory and general relativity, two theoretical domains generally thought to be in conflict. I've just completed a collaboration with … Continue reading Transactions Complete Entropic Gravity

Comment on “Physical Time Within Human Time” (Gruber,  Block and Montemayor, 2022)

I was invited by the above authors to comment on their paper, recently published in Frontiers in Psychology (doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2022.718505). The authors deal with an issue generally viewed as problematic: reconciling the human experience of time with physical theories addressing time. The idea is that several of us will participate in a published panel discussion … Continue reading Comment on “Physical Time Within Human Time” (Gruber,  Block and Montemayor, 2022)

Forward Causation + Backward Causation = Zero Causation

Many researchers continue to discuss "retrocausal" approaches to quantum theory that involve a basic assumption that one can combine forward-directed causal flow and backward-directed causal flow "in spacetime." (My own proposal, RTI, has basic time symmetry but that is broken at the spacetime level, so it does not fall into this category.) In this post, … Continue reading Forward Causation + Backward Causation = Zero Causation

Is standard (unitary-only) quantum theory refuted?

The standard theory of quantum mechanics has no intrinsic "collapse" or reduction. At most, it sometimes makes use of a "collapse postulate" that has no physical account in the theory itself and is applied to fill the explanatory gap between the usual unitary evolution (which, in general, does not yield a determinate result--that's the "Schrodinger's … Continue reading Is standard (unitary-only) quantum theory refuted?

Why arguments against free will based on physics are hugely overrated

It seems that many scientists are eager to throw in the towel on free will. This somewhat technical article, published in Probing the Meaning of Quantum Mechanics: Superpositions, Dynamics, Semantics and Identity , Eds. D. Aerts et al, (2016) https://doi.org/10.1142/10185 , explains why that is a serious mistake. If anything, our best physical theories actually suggest … Continue reading Why arguments against free will based on physics are hugely overrated