What is the quantum/classical divide?

A talk given at the University of Buenos Aires in June 2017 on the difference between classical systems and quantum ones:


(Note: Some of the slides were missing text here and there due to a compatibility issue; the correct version is provided here: Baires 2017 slides)


One thought on “What is the quantum/classical divide?

  1. Hi, Ruth. Happy Holidays! I’ve got a question that I think applies to the quantum/classical divide that might seem kind of dumb to you; it’s something that’s always bugged me, but I’ve never thought to ask about it. So, since a collapsed particle still almost always has a slight uncertainty in position, does this mean that collapse is just narrowing to an extremely narrow superposition? If so, what does this say about a collapsed particle’s actuality and ability to inhabit spacetime? As usual, I’m probably missing something here! :)

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