A critical look at popular ‘retrocausation’ claims. Do they hold up?

In this publication, I address popular uses of the term ‘retrocausation’ in connection with quantum theory, and find that there is much that needs to be corrected and clarified. Much of the discussion in the literature on this topic involves inconsistencies and equivocation about what retrocausation really is, and about what it can do.  In particular, a ‘block world’ view of spacetime (which assumes that all of spacetime exists for all times as a set of unique events) does not support any dynamics, either forward or backwards, so there is no truly dynamical ‘retrocausation’ in a block world. Click here for the specifics: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1607.04196.pdf

2 thoughts on “A critical look at popular ‘retrocausation’ claims. Do they hold up?

  1. There is no time in quantumland, at least not as an actual spacetime parameter t. I looked at the article, and it is talking first about the advanced Schrodinger equation which involves time reversal, but in RTI, this is not literal ‘backward in time’ as in spactetime, propagation.
    This is what describes the confirmations from absorbers, which takes place in quantumland, not in spacetime.
    In the next experiment they are confusing entropy increase with time direction. These are two different things, though they are often conflated. It is really irreversibility at the level of actualization (spacetime emergence from quantumland) that yields an arrow of time (https://www.mdpi.com/1099-4300/19/3/106)

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