Important New Book on Math Education

Bernice Kastner is a math educator whose innovative approach has helped to transform classrooms and enable many students to gain confidence and mastery in math. (She also happens to be my mother.) Her new book, The Role of Language in Teaching Children Math, is now out:

From the publisher: “It can be difficult to recognize that in spite of the precision and power of mathematics, both the verbal and symbolic language it uses have the same qualities of ambiguity as every other human language. In The Role of Language in Teaching Children Math, Dr. Kastner reveals strategies to overcome the fact that traditional and current mathematics curricula, beginning in the early grades, fail to provide students with the conceptual understanding required to advance to levels where the delight of geometry and calculus become accessible. Kastner’s clear prose and organic organization assists teachers, parents, and students to untangle abstract meanings required for mastery in the field of mathematics.”

A review from award-winning math educator Debby Halperin:

“As teachers of mathematics, it is critical that we continually foster meaningful mathematical conversations with children in order for them to develop a deep understanding of the math. Bernice’s extraordinary, thought-provoking book is a primer on how the language we use to teach and talk about mathematics can either obscure or illuminate the profound beauty of mathematics. The Role of Language in Teaching Children Math should be read by any serious teacher of mathematics.”

–Debby Halperin, Recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching 2014



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