Announcing: The Quantum Institute

It is with great excitement that I announce the creation of a new independent, non-profit academic research institute: The Quantum Institute. We are in the early stages of organization, but already moving ahead with some exciting research. Visit our new site to learn about what we’re doing!

2 thoughts on “Announcing: The Quantum Institute

  1. Congratulations! This is a step in the right direction regarding insights that are actually fundamental to human existence and are really critical both scientifically and from the general perspective of a new form of objective idealism that recognizes that there is a deep quantum reality that it is a relational potentiality which shapes and influences the material/physical actuality that we experience in the context of Space-Time. The importance of this fundamental and very deep and important insight is also being developed by Bernardo Kastrup, Dutch objective idealist philosopher, and friends in the Essentia Foundation, whose website is currently under development but which has a few ‘teaser videos’ to check out at: and at their Facebook page:

    Are we seeing the beginnings of an exciting fundamental paradigm shift? And possibly the beginnings of what Swiss-German philosopher, Jean Gebser, called a mutation in the structure of consciousness which will take us from the current ‘Mental/Rational’ structure characterized by a focus on space-time perspective to a new ‘Integral’ structure of consciousness characterized by the ‘concretion of time.’ Which will emerge out of the understanding of the true nature of the structure of the underlying relational reality of the QuantumWorld that is the ‘interiority’ of existence, that provides a primordial foundation of continuity for the surface ‘exteriority’ of the physical world that is the ‘Explicate Order’ which unfolds in a Space-Time context. And that there is underlying these two orders a common connection of undivided wholeness as maintained by David Bohm.

    1. Thanks Gary! I do hope we are on the verge of this kind of awakening! While I actually came to quantum theory from a traditional rationalist background, I have come to realize that to properly understand it, we need to move beyond the usual physical categories.

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